– French Storyteller, Polish Photography Lover & World Adventurer – 

My name is Christina but my friends call me Cristie! I’m a former paralegal currently traveling my way around the world, one country at a time. This site began when I came back from a 3 months trip in South East Asia in 2014, after having studied international public law for six years in Paris.

I always had the chance to travel when I was younger as my family is settled down all around the world. But my first trip in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand as a solo backpacker was the beginning of a new life, in which happiness, love, peace, freedom and wisdom have become entangled.

One thing I noticed during my trip was the desire for backpackers to ask for some tips about the places they were going to. It could have been about good hostels and street food areas, or about chilling spots and beautiful view points. I wanted to have a blog where I could write about my favorite ones, where I could post my travel photos and share crazy stories so that my friends, family and people I met along the road could follow even after the end of that first trip. As you probably noticed, English is not my first language – French is – so please be lenient about my posts. I will be thankful for that ! 🙂

I thought I would return to lawyering after 3 months on the road, thinking that I only needed a break after my studies. But as you know (since you’re reading this right now), a return to the law didn’t happen, and my wrist is one prove of that as I try to buy a bracelet every time I discover a new place. This is my vaguely chronological recounting of my time living abroad. It is mostly about the spots I love around the world and the little bit extra that make them breathtaking.

I hope that those insights of the world out there will give you inspiration to explore it! Stay tuned as I will be adding content regularly. You can also follow my daily travel on Facebook HERE


102 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Hi Christina
    Travel is so inspiring especially when personal stories are shared. Some great reading and beautiful photos:-)
    And, thanks for following.


  2. Hi Cristie.. Thanks for following my blog. I have read some of your posts and i quite like your writing… Detailed personal experiences.. Much like what i really like to read.. I see that youve been in Asia.. I hope that one of this days you get to visit our country too, Philippines.. There’s so much to see and do here that i know you will love.:) Happy travelling and blogging!


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