Top 5 Best Relaxing Spots in Warsaw, Poland

– Our time together is just never quite enough –

Warsaw, Poland. This is my country, my city of heart, my family moment. This is not home but this is where I like to recharge my batteries and where I feel the most surrounded with people I love. This is the “back to basics” time. This is my little cocoon. 
So as a half polish vagabond who won’t return there for a while, I wandered in the beautiful streets of Warsaw for ten days and ranked 5 of the best spots to relax and chill out. Make sure to add them on your Must Do List because they really worth it!

1.     Pl. Zbawiciela: The Sunday One
photo 4-1
The rainbow. The sun. The terrace. The Brunch. Situated near the city center, the Charlotte at Zbawiciela Place is definitely my favorite place to brunch on sundays. Imagine delicious salads, slices of bread out of nowhere, golden pastries, all of this together with a home made jam, a fresh juice and the smell of the freshly baked bread. You don’t? Take a look at the picture below! 😉

2.     Ul. Francuska: The Colorful One
photo 2-3
Cafés. Terraces. And colors. A lot of colors. Here, umbrellas and lampions are a way to put some fun inside and outside all the modern restaurants that filled the street. You have to see it to believe it. And definitely taste the food and the home made lemonade at Prosta Historia or F30.

3.     Wisła River: The Nightly One
photo 4The river. The beach. The boats. The lights. The stadium. The drinks. The sunset. This spot is kind of my secret place. Most of tourists don’t know about this place, but this is definitely THE place to get a drink at night during the summer. Whether you get on the barka boat, or sit on the beach (in Warsaw ? A beach? Whaaat? – Crazy right?), just relax, and watch the sun set from the river or the white and red colors of the illuminated stadium.


4.     Nowy Świat – Krakowskie Przedmieście: The Famous One

The culture. The university. Probably the most famous street in Warsow, Nowy 

Świat (the beginning of the street) and Krakowskie Przedmieście (the end of it) lead to the historic center. Here, three spots stand out. Have a real polish lunch in the garden of Dawne Smaki, taste the traditional rose donut at Blikle, and have a drink at Skwer while listening concerts and admiring vernissages.

photo 2-2


5.     Rynek Stary Miasto: The Historic One
The old. The new. The painters. The pastel colors. The beauty of Warsaw. Entirely rebuilt after the Warsaw uprising of 1944, the Old Town is symbolic of Warsaw’s rise from the ruins of World War II. The beautiful houses colors 
impress me all the time. This is definitely the Top 1 Must Do List in Warsaw. This place is our pride.


Do you have any other recommendations to relax and chill out in Warsaw other than this Top 5?

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